Building on an EU wide sharing of data consolidated in a clearing house, ACDC delivers solutions and creates a pool of knowledge

to help organisations across Europe fight botnets.

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ACDC Workspace

Get in direct contact with the ACDC partners and exchange views with the other members of ACDC on current threats or trends in information security.

Clicking on "Join the ACDC Workspace" you will be requested to join the CyberConnector private area first and then you will have to send an email to if you want to be part of the ACDC workspace.

Join the ACDC Workspace

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Central Clearing House (CCH)

The largest centralised pool of information concerning large-scale attacks affecting European networks. CCH provides access to real-time monitoring of cyber attacks and it combines this repository with large sets of botnet intelligence and information about infections.

Clicking on "Join the CCH" you will be requested to register to the CyberConnector environment first, then you will be able to access the CCH. If you have any question or issue, please to send an email to

Join the CCH

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8 National Support Centers

Providing an easy, basic solution for end user support especially for large-scale incidents, providing its own constituency with access to the different ACDC solutions that can be used to fight botnets, along with awareness and prevention coaching and free tools.
Active Support Centers

Belgium Croatia France Germany Italy Luxembourg Romania Spain Portugal