CCH Schemata describes the data format used by data providers to feed data into the Central Clearing House.

Each CCH schema describes a different type of data (e.g. data about attacks, bots, c&C servers, etc.) in JSON format. CCH Schemata are linked to keys used by partners to report data in the CCH, as described in the ACDC documentation.

The Data Access Manager, i.e. the application available in CyberConnector to control the data sharing, displays, for each CCH Key, the associated schemata. This allows data sharing participants to understand the format of data that can be received by other participants in the data sharing.

The CCH Schemata are also published for unauthenticated people to allow them to understand the kind of data hosted by the CCH, ad to support the implementation of CCH clients.

CCH Schemata
CCH Schemata

Title Size Download
eu.acdc.attack - v1 9414 KB - v1 7814 KB
eu.acdc.botnet - v1 2339 KB
eu.acdc.c2_server - v1 6252 KB
eu.acdc.fast_flux - v1 4385 KB
eu.acdc.malicious_uri - v1 7576 KB
eu.acdc.malware - v1 6301 KB
eu.acdc.spam_campaign - v1 5108 KB
eu.acdc.vulnerable_uri - v1 6657 KB
eu.acdc.metric - v1 3757 KB
eu.acdc.attack - v2 10455 KB - v2 8245 KB
eu.acdc.c2_server - v2 6325 KB
eu.acdc.fast_flux - v2 4458 KB
eu.acdc.malicious_uri - v2 7649 KB
eu.acdc.malware - v2 6652 KB
eu.acdc.spam_campaign - v2 5921 KB
eu.acdc.vulnerable_uri - v2 6730 KB
eu.acdc.botnet - v2 2340 KB
eu.acdc.anonymized - v2 5351 KB
eu.acdc.correlated - v2 3576 KB
eu.acdc.metric - v2 3770 KB
eu.acdc.statistic - v2 3884 KB