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This area groups providers of applications and services. Differently from the Research area, where the focus is more on finding new solutions, stakeholders in this area mainly aims at transfer solutions to production by creating and maintaining derived applications and services.

Hosting Providers Technology Providers Internet Service Providers Mobile Network Provider

Critical Infrastructure Operators

This area groups operators of an infrastructure (an asset, system or part thereof located in Member States) which is essential for the maintenance of vital societal functions, health, safety, security, economic or social well-being of people, and the disruption or destruction of which would have a significant impact in a Member State as a result of the failure to maintain those functions. 


Policy Makers

This area groups the policy makers who are dealing with regulations related to cyber security. Stakeholders associated to this area aims at defining (or contributes to) rules promoting and supporting other stakeholders in fighting cyber attacks.

Regulation Body and International Institution Citizen's Association National Government


This area groups a single (University, Research Institute) or a temporary grouping of organisations (EU research projects) conducting research related to the cybersecurity field.

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This area groups stakeholders that fight against cyber attacks on a daily basis. They can belong to public, national, international, or private organizations.

National centres International centres CSIRT / CERT Public Prosecutors and LEAs


This area groups the organisations and associations that are bringing together the interests of end users, company associations, trade unions and vertical interest groups on topics related to cyber security

End user Organizations / Industry collaborations Industry Associations / Sector Federations